What guy doesn’t love a trip to the sports bar for some wings, ribs, good beer and a great game? Get the crew together and head on down to any of these amazing New York City sports bars to give your favorite bachelor one last night on the town before he ties the knot. Whether he likes the Yankees, the New York Knicks, or the Rangers, there will be a game on for him. Make the evening extra special (and safe) by taking a New York Limousine, truly a night he and the crew will never forget.

Brother Jimmy’s
When someone mentions barbeque, the first thoughts that come to mind are the south. But now a days, luckily you can still get quality and good tasting southern food all the way in the city. While in the heart of the city, Brother Jimmy’s is able to bring a little bit of North Carolina taste to the northeast. Stopping a bachelor party in for some real soul food and barbeque would be a nice twist that doesn’t usually happen on a bachelor party, especially one in the city. Everyone will thank you for it later, trust me.

Kettle of Fish
Everyone has their favorite bar. Usually because it’s a neighborhood one or has some character involved with it. As over the top as bachelor parties can be, have some sense of grounding can also be a good foundation as well. The Kettle of Fish has been around since 1950 and can offer all of that. Putting this as a stop along the way of debauchery will be a wise move. And afterwards, you’ll probably make it a regular place to visit and enjoy.

4th Down
Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer. You know exactly what you’re looking for, and not trying to reinvent the wheel. With a bachelor party, you might want to keep certain parts of it low key, but something that you know everyone involved will enjoy. An advantage to a bachelor party is to break it up in stages, and plan the night out from location to location. Everyone is a sports fan so planning a stop at a good sports bar is a great idea. It can be any part of the night, so they’re always flexible with it.

Village Pourhouse
Everyone remembers their favorite bar from college. That low key place that was always packed with good people, and always had a cheap drink and a good bite to eat. It’s the place that even when you’re there the first time, you feel like you’ve been there before. It’s kind of like your safety spot, you know what you’re going to get no matter when you go or who you’re with. Having a bachelor party stop at a location like this is a great idea, for some low keyed and relaxed.

Keg and Lantern
To make a bachelor party a unique experience, the locations are what helps it stand out. Not only do you want to do something out the norm, but being able to go into a location that offers one of a kind service or product is a great way be different and have a one of a kind bachelor party. There’s no better place to do this and start off with then over at Keg and Lantern. Based out of Brooklyn, you’ll be hard pressed to find a similar bar or restaurant to add to your bachelor party experience.

The sports bar isn’t normally associated as a bachelor party staple. But Legends isn’t like any other sports bar. Located on the West Side, Legends gives a more refined atmosphere but is all New York. Within the multi story establishment, you’ll have the faces of athletes, singers, and actors of all kinds of time eras shining down from their adorned frames on the walls. Nothing will make a New York native more home or more proud than Legends. Most sports bars focus on cheap and quick, but who wants that at a bachelor party?

Studio Square
Now sometimes the problem with bachelor parties isn’t what to do, but how to stand out. Everyone has gone to one, and after a while they will start to blend together, especially if it’s the same routine of events that happens at every other bachelor party. So why make it the same? Rent out a space, and then plan the party on your terms. Pick the food out you want, the entertainment you want, even the music! Instead of traveling around the city, make all of it come to you and your party!

Most bars and pubs get labeled with the stereotypical standard level of food and drink. Mulhollands looks to eliminate all those labels and bring a new type of pub to the public. Based out of Brooklyn, one step inside and you’ll see an upscale location that offers more then a dive bar. Any bachelor party looking to think outside the box would be more than happy to make Mulhollands a stop along the way.

Standings Bar
Situated in the East Village, Standings Bar is the place to be for anything and all things sports. The East Village is one of the best areas with it’s proximity of bars, clubs, and other night life activities all within the area. A stop over at Standings Bar is an excellent choice for any bachelor party, no matter what place in the night you are stopping there. Good food, great atmosphere, and great drinks help to put the icing on the cake for your bachelor party.