Cigar Bars

Few things in life are more gentlemanly than cigar clubs, so why not indulge in a few fine stogies on the night of your NYC bachelor party? We selected these cigar bars based on atmosphere, selection, and quality. You’ll be hard pressed to find better cigar bars anywhere on the East Coast, and we’re sure that they rival, if not surpass, any in the country. Return to the classy side of bachelor life in a NYC Limousines when you light up at one of these cigar bars.

Club Macanudo
With rich mahogany furniture, chairs and sofas in chocolate leather, and gold-framed artwork, Club Macanudo is everything you would expect from a cigar club. Located on the Upper East Side, the space is decidedly masculine and monied, but it maintains a casual air that’s perfect for a NYC bachelor party. Jeans and t-shirts aren’t acceptable, but it’s your bachelor party, so you’ll want to be a little bit dressier than normal. With an extensive menu and drink list, Club Macanudo is a great place to start your NYC bachelor night out.

Velvet Cigar Lounge
Velvet Cigar Lounge takes the stuffiness out of a typical cigar club and replaces it with a down-to-earth, yet still masculine, good time. Velvet makes their own hand-crafted cigars, each line named after a neighborhood in the East Village. The cigars are first-rate, and that’s what draws patrons here, so it’s an experience for you and your buddies without the hefty price tag attached to most upscale cigar establishments. Bring your own bottle if you care to drink — Velvet does cigars exclusively.

Bar and Books
There’s something distinctly European about Lexington Bar and Books, which caters to its Upper East Side clients. The dress code is strictly enforced, so dress to the nines for your bachelor night out if you want to smoke some of the best stogies you’ve ever had. With rich wood tones and buttery leather seating, Bar and Books is reminiscent of a time when smoking jackets and nightcaps were the norm. Be prepared to splurge, but know that it will be entirely worth it.

Nat Sherman Townhouse
Now when throwing a bachelor party, it can be easy to focus on the easy things-girls, booze, and cigars. But all three have a wide spectrum of choices, with cigars possibly being the most difficult. Enter Nat Sherman Townhouse. While a cigar bar, it’s more of a learning experience. All employees have a wide array of knowledge of options and are more than willing to help match up each customer with the right cigar and offer difference choices for them to experience.

Merchants NY Cigar Bar
The name says it all, and what better way to help put your bachelor party on the map then with a stop at Merchant NY Cigar Bar. Based out of the Lower East Side, it’s a great jumping off point or finishing point, with the surrounding nightlife offers that are around it. You can have the taste and feel of some great cigars, and then move on to the rest of your night. Or it can help be the night cap to what has most likely been a night to remember.

The Carnegie Club
Every bachelor party wants to have the best of everything. Best booze, best in girls, best in people. Having cigars thrown into the mix just helps make everyone involved more manly, more of a gentleman. The Carnegie Club has a name that envelops all of that, and doesn’t disappoint. It’s been named as one of New Yorks Most Civilized Places to Meet. A visit and stopover at the Carnegie Club is sure to give your bachelor party the decadence it might be missing from other aspects of your planned evening.

Circa Tabac
A cigar bar is not only an excellent choice for a bachelor party, but the right one offers a great option for indulging in some of life’s little luxurious. Nothing is more manly or can help celebrate a good time than a tasty cigar and a well aged scotch. Making sure not to skip out on the quality of these is key-you have to find the right place so that you and your party can make sure have the best. Nothing is worse than a cheap luxury. A cigar bar is a great option for the start of a crazy night or the wind down to an amazing night, you can’t go wrong when you visit it in your schedule.