Just because it’s your last night of freedom doesn’t mean that you can’t get your groove on. If you’ve got a spring in your step and you’re itching to get onto a dance floor, the good news is that NYC has plenty of options. It can, however, be overwhelming to choose just one from the sea of choices. For your NYC bachelor party, take a NYC Limousines and head to the clubs that are going to deliver — we’ve got you covered.

No. 8
Depending on when you’re groom is getting married, the age could be a factor in terms of how you guys want to celebrate. Everyone enjoys a night out of going hard, but perhaps you and your group are looking for something a bit more sophisticated. Unfortunately we all have to grow up, but just means you and your group will just celebrate differently. And luckily for you and your bachelor party, places like that exist. Good music, a more low keyed setting, and some great food to lounge in the night club setting.

New York City is the city that never sleeps. Because of this, it has so many more options for people to choose from when it comes to going out. When planning our bachelor party, you can remember to tack on as much as you guys can handle, versus the other way when you can only go as long or as hard as places will let you. After hour clubs are pretty popular in New York City, coming to life after everything else has already closed and not dying off till well after the sun starts to come up. One of these type of clubs is Shelter, a popular after hours night club.


Music and entertainment is key to any night out. The venue has to be able to provide it, and not just anything but something that gets the crowd going and keeps them there. While it’s great to go to see a DJ and see some of the greatest electronic music out there, it’s also hard to replace or beat out live music. The shift in culture has been towards the electronic music, but there is still great live music as well as those that appreciate and want it.

Marquee is another club that truly brings it. Clubs that have multiple locations across the country or world usually have higher standards that they adhere too. They see visitors from all over, especially ones that have been to the same places in different cities. They are comfortable with the times and location they had in those spots, and want to be able to duplicate those times in just different cities. So because of that there is a lot riding to not only deliver the same good times, but also keep the bar high for the other locations too.

There are night clubs, and then there are night clubs that help give definition and inspiration to movies and stories in pop culture. Its safe to say that any bachelor party wants some of these moments, and as cool as you and your friends are, you need the right location/setting to help pull it off. You need the right place that has all these elements waiting for you and your group to essentially roll in, and partake in what the night has to offer. And these type of places aren’t usually a quick stop either. You’re going to put some time in, but it’ll be worth it.

Le Bain
Located on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel, Le Bain has some of the best views NYC has to offer, and their bass pumping music makes it one of the hottest dance clubs as well. The space is huge and comes complete with a small soaking pool. You can’t jump in with your birthday suit, but you can buy a swim suit from a vending machine if you’ve forgotten your own. An attractive crowd and strong drinks, as well as the complete lack of a velvet roped line, makes Le Bain one of the best clubs for a NYC bachelor party.

If you love house music, Cielo is the club for you. Their DJs are widely known as the best in the business, and it’s an excellent source if you’re looking to add to your collection of house tracks. Get there by 11 and you’ll avoid a line and enjoy exchanging pleasantries with their friendly bouncers. The drinks are strong, though not cheap, so bring plenty of cash — you’ll need a refreshment after getting sweaty on the dance floor.

The VIllage Nightlife
The Village Underground is where music lovers go to see live performances that will blow your mind. The unassuming space in the Village isn’t exactly what you would think of as a NYC establishment, but it’s been around for over 50 years and it keeps drawing in the crowds. Check out NYC’s best DJs on Saturday Nights, when the Underground turns into one of the city’s most underrated dance clubs.