Beer Gardens

Beer gardens have been cropping up all over the place in the five boroughs of NYC. With their laid back atmosphere and overwhelmingly large selection of beer, these beer gardens are the perfect complement to a NYC bachelor party. No longer does the term “beer garden” refer only to outdoor spaces with long picnic tables and waitresses dressed like Heidi — these beer gardens are significantly different from one another and fitting for their individual locations. Hop in a NYC Limousines and go beer garden hopping!


Loreley is one of a kind place. The food and beer may be imported from Germany, but that’s where the similarities stop. Classic German restaurants have a taste and style of their own. But restaurant owner Michael Momm didn’t want to rehash a classic concept. Instead he wanted to cater to a younger generation and crowd. He would have the food and drinks that Germany is known for, but presented in a different way, one to attract the young up and coming people of New York City. And he hit it spot on.
Zum Schneider
Home away from home for many is how the best places usually come about. Sometimes it’s the hidden gems that offer the best quality of something, or perhaps it’s a transplant from one spot to another that brings a bit of their home to the new location. When picking out a place for everyone to enjoy, you want to make sure it’s the best of what there is to offer of all options out there. When it comes to a beer garden, you want to get the best out of beer, food, and service. So try as hard as you can to get a taste of Germany and authenticity, pick a place like Zum Schneider for everyone to enjoy.
Beekman Beer Garden
Location, location, location. Some of the most important information when it comes to picking a venue, because the setting is what helps make the factors of what goes on so important. Perhaps you want a place close to everything else so you can bounce around to different places. Or you need all the key ingredients to make sure you guys can have the time of your lives at your bachelor party. Beekman Beer Garden is a place that will give you a unique location for sure unlike any other in New York City
Bohemian Hall
When planning a night on the town, you need to be sure that the venues you attend are some of the best you can get to. Any place or spot that your bachelor party needs to be able to knock your socks off for you and all your group. You’ll want to make it a night to remember, something unique, something different, and that can only be achieved when you are able to have the best of everything you choose. Picking a beer garden is a great start with the essentials need for any bachelor party.
Radegast Hall
Sometimes places get named and aren’t authentic. When you go somewhere you might have an expectation of what to get and how things should be. But these days places are pretty liberal with what they call themselves for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes though a place labels itself and sticks to the authenticity of what a place should be. You might want to experience the closest to something as you can get regardless of where its been so you can feel like you’re there.
Blue Ribbon Beer Garden
Most beer gardens don’t usually scream high class or top level. But every now and then there’s a beer garden that helps break the mold. The name can be deceiving, called a beer garden and all. It helps to set an expectation, but then sometimes the surprising factor of what you ready to have helps to land a big surprise that everyone can enjoy. That’s the benefit of Blue Ribbon Beer Garden, it’s a place like no other, beer garden or not.
TBD Brooklyn
TBD holds claim as the biggest beer garden in Brooklyn, and it’s also the most fun beer garden in the city. The owners are constantly holding competitions, ping pong tournaments, comedy nights, and even poker tournaments to keep their patrons coming back for more. With huge televisions to play video games on, great music, and an ever-widening selection of beers, wines, and cocktails, TBD is the place to chill with your buddies for a low-key start to your NYC bachelor party.

Studio Square Beer Garden
Studio Square’s outdoor space and picnic tables are a nod to the beer garden’s origins, but with a contemporary twist. The white stone fire pit, sleek architectural lines, and wide open area make it feel more like Los Angeles than Berlin. With hearty bar food like Black Angus burgers and fish and chips, as well as a ultra-sophisticated tap system, the eating is always good at Studio Square. Check out their calendar for regular live events.

Mission Dolores
Mission Dolores is a haven set in Park Slope, Brooklyn. A long, narrow space made up of sky lights and exposed brick walls, the venue was once an empty, deserted building that’s now been converted into a hip, laid-back hangout. The revolving beer list includes 20 different varieties, which are regularly updated on their website. Mission Dolores gets a little busy on weekend nights, but what’s a NYC bachelor party without a crowd? Checkout the vintage game machines for a little friendly competition.